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What Are The Percentages In Texas Hold'em?

It helps to calculate the odds and the percentages when you play Texas Hold'em. For this, you should know a bit of math. Here are a few simple steps that you could follow.

One of the terms used in the game is ‘hands on' and this means you have to do some calculating about the two cards that you begin with and the odds that you have in making a hand. So you will have to look at your chances by also taking into account the cards that are down, also known as the cards at the flop. For example, if you are holding two hearts and you see that there are two more on the flop. So that puts the chances of your getting a flush at 50% - or two to one - so you have the chance of a flush in three hand plays. But if the hand odds were three to one, then the percentage would go up to 75 and you would get your hand once in four times.


How do you calculate these odds and percentages in Texas Hold'em? It can be done if you know how many outs you have. If you want to get that poker hand, you need cards that are outs. For example, if you had an ace and king of diamonds and there were two more diamonds in the flop, you need to calculate how many more of the same suit are out. If you can account for four, there are nine that should be out as each suit has 13 cards. So if you have odds that are 0 to 1, that means just a 10% percentage and that translates to a hand that isn't really good. You'll find that in the game, odds are counted technically, only for a nut draw.

When you are calculating your Texas Hold'em percentages, it is better if you were to try and do it as though you were the only player otherwise the odds just decrease when someone else has a card of the same suit. So it really is better to play with the limited knowledge that you do have and go ahead and do your calculations based on that.

Now let's take a look at how to calculate hand odds in this game. Now that you know what outs are and how they are counted in the game, let's get down to the calculations. What you need to do first is to see how many outs you have then you need to multiply that by four. This figure as a percentage really is just how close you could get to making a hand with the cards from the flop. Say you have four outs, then your percentage would be calculated as 16% at the flop. However, this changes when based from the turn. To get a rough estimate of your odds, double the outs you have. So four outs would mean 8%.


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